5 Kg of Hand processed Hemp buds – flowers – Futura 75


5 Kilos of hand picked and processed Futura 75 whole hemp buds.

Our Legal CBD flowers are derived from the highest quality industrial hemp strain. They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents and are 100% legal in the world.

Fresh 2020 harvest!

This is our hand picked Premium CBD EU certified hemp flowers.

Our hemp flowers are picked by hands and dried in long term low temperature conditions in the darkness. This process save nice green color, terpenes and trichomes so it has perfect smell and potency.

3rd party lab tested and 100% legal within worldwide standards (<0.2% THC)

Very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDA, CBC). Total level 2.5-3%.

EU certified hemp variuety – Futura 75. Organic, non-pesticide, non-GMO.

Uses: tea, press for oil, cooking, vaping etc.

Fresh 2021 harvest!

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Also known as: Hoenep, Hennep, Chanvre

Hoenep, Hennep, Chanvre, čaj iz konoplje, Konopljin čaj iz cvetov konoplje, hampun teetä, Hamppu tee, CBD Hampputee, CBD hamp te, konopný čaj, herbata konopna, Herbata z konopi CBD herbata konopna, kaņepju tēja, čaj od konoplje, tè alla canapa, té de cáñamo, hampi te, τσάι κάνναβης, kanepi tee, hamp te, konopný čaj, чай от коноп, čaj od konoplje. Tae cnáibe CBD – sláinte cnáib – Ola CBD, tae cnáibe agus táirgí CBD

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