Dried Hemp roots – dry cannabis root – Hanfwurzeln – Hanfwurzel – radice di canapa – racine de chanvre

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Made from EU certified industrial hemp variety Futura 75. Ecologically grown without the use of additives or insecticides. Clean and well dried hemp roots just for you! Directly from hemp farmer from Lithuania. 2023 Harvest.

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Our hemp roots are carefully washed under high pressure water stream and well dried in low temperature to save all terpenes, triterpenoids, alkaloids and sterols inside the root.

The hemp root is one of the most important parts of the entire plant. It can be mashed into a paste, dried into a powder, boiled down and concentrated into a thick, syrup-like texture, and smashed for juicing.

The very first record of hemp root being used for medicinal purposes in ancient China, in the third millennium BCE.


• Cannabis roots were valued for therapeutic purposes in many traditional cultures.
• Cannabis roots are rich in triterpenoids and other compounds that have signifcant anti-inflammatory properties.
• Hemp root preparations have been used to treat a wide range of conditions, including fever, infections, arthritis, gout and joint pain, and as an aid to women during pregnancy.
• The main route of administering cannabis root remedies has been via topical application.
• Cannabis roots can draw heavy metals from the soil and contaminated soil can produce toxic roots and harmful plants that should not be used to make medicinal products.

Here are 10 facts about hemp roots:

  1. Hemp roots have been used since ancient times. The first recorded use of hemp roots was discussed in Chinese medical literature over 5,000 years ago. It says that juice derived from hemp roots were used as a diuretic, and it was also used to stop hemorrhage in Chinese women after giving birth.
  2. Hemp roots can reduce inflammation. While cannabis in many forms is ingested or consumed to treat many kinds of inflammation, its roots can also help treat it. This is because hemp roots contains a compound called pentacyclic triterpene ketones, which are known for its ability to effectively crush inflammation as well as bacteria
  3. Hemp roots supports liver health. Although the current research on cannabis roots’ liver-protecting properties is limited, studies have found that the ethanol extraction of hemp roots contains an antioxidant called friedelin, which is known for its liver-protecting ability.
  4. Hemp roots have lots of topical applications. Creating a dry, powdered cannabis root formulation can be used as a poultice to treat a wide range of skin conditions. These include burns, cuts, and dermatitis. It can also be used in a salve, balm, or oil to treat pimples, blisters, herpes, dysmenorrhea, sore throats, asthma, tension pains, headaches, and more. In a 1957 paper, boiled hemp root together with leaves was used to treat cuts in the skin in India.
  5. Promotes healthy cell membranes. Not only were hemp roots have shown to have small amounts of choline. Water-soluble choline is believed to be an essential dietary nutrient that is precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine-vital to the development and maintenance of healthy cell membrane.
  6. Hemp roots contain important terpenes. Terpenes are one of the most important plants of a part, . And just like its leaves, the roots of the hemp plant also contain therapeutic terpenes which give it a fragrance and also have medicinal benefits. A 2016 study revealed that hemp root contains epifriedelanol, which shows potential as an anti-tumor compound.
  7. Hemp roots may help fight off cancer. In lab studies, extracts of a Malaysian plant called Phyllanthus watsonii was effective in inhibiting the growth of colon cancer cells. The plant extracts contained both friedelin and epifriedelanol, which are found in hemp roots. Apoptosis was also observed, a process where the cancer cells commit suicide.
  8. Cannabinoids present. Hemp roots contain trace quantities of cannabinoids. The concentration is minin but compounds such as CBD are existent in the roots.
  9. Used to stop bleeding. Hemp roots can be dried, ground and boiled for use as an anti hemorrhagic to stop bleeding. This was useful for post-partum bleeding after childbirth in ancient world.
  10. Hemp roots are rich in nutrients. Studies show that cannabis roots contain minimal amounts of cannabinoid acids, which can still contribute to better health and well-being when used regularly.

Using Hemp Roots

Hemp roots can be used in a multitude of ways to maximize its medicinal benefits:

  • Tea: The roots can be boiled to make a potent healing tea. It may be bitter, but you can add some coconut oil while brewing to release fat-soluble terpenes as well as the beneficial ketones found in hemp roots.
  • Powders: Grinding hemp root into a fine powder is one of the most traditional ways to use it. It can then be used as a supplement for food, to fill capsules, and add into beverages. Ground hemp root powder can also be mixed into a cream or lotion and made into a topical.
  • Topical: Boiled or powdered hemp root can be used directly on the affected area on the skin to treat pain, abrasions, itches, and rashes.

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