Lemon Haze CBD hash – Hemp pollen CBD hashish Resin trichomes

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High quality black and soft lemon haze CBD Hash – resin trichomes. Ecologically grown without the use of additives or insecticides. Lab tested up to 7% potency of CBD/C/G/a. Directly from hemp farmer from Lithuania. Zitronendunst cbd, Super citron brume kief, Super Zitronen Dunst, kief foschia limone, neblina de limón.

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Our black Lemon Haze CBD hash made from highest quality organic flowers.

We use only hand picked flowers to produce kief trichomes.

Hemp flowers was dried at low temperatures in the darkness to save terpenes and all hemp benefits inside.

CBD up to 7% CBD. THC lower than 0.2%.

Very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBDA, CBC, CBN, CBDV).

It has strong specific Lemon aroma and taste. Our Lemon Haze type CBD hash can be smokable.

2019 harvest.

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